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Doing Things Differently. Doing What is Right.

Cboe Canada, the new business name of the NEO Exchange, is making waves as a bold and disruptive capital markets technology company. From day one, we have embraced innovation and competition to make Canadian capital markets better, while staying true to our values of doing what is right for investors, capital-raising companies, and the professionals who advise them.

Cboe Listings

At Cboe Canada, our focus on exceptional client service has created a better public listing experience in an industry where there was previously little choice.

NEO Connect

With NEO Connect, we’ve made it easier for asset managers, private companies, and special purpose vehicles to raise capital, transact, and settle with participating dealers through a much more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective process.

Launched in 2015 as the NEO Exchange, and acquired by Cboe Global Markets in 2022, Cboe Canada is the third most active marketplace in Canada, consistently representing close to 15% of all volume traded in Canadian-listed securities. Cboe Canada offers a marketplace that is home to over 260 unique public listings, including public companies, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Canadian Depositary Receipts™ (CDRs), Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), and Closed-End Funds (CEFs). Cboe Canada-listed securities market data is available to all investors in real-time.

Our private markets solution, NEO Connect, continues to evolve with industry needs supporting traditional mutual funds, private offering memorandum (OM) funds, and now supporting private company shares, Limited Partnerships (LP), and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) alongside other bespoke off-exchange listings. Each listing receives a unique NEO Connect ticker, similar to companies listed on a stock exchange, providing seamless access for institutional investors, financial advisors, and their investing clients. NEO Connect brings private assets on-book, enabling visibility into your private investment portfolio alongside your existing exchange-listed investments. Issuers can also leverage our partnership with DealSquare to raise awareness, complement capital raising efforts, and streamline the documentation process with advisors and their clients.

Continuous innovation to the benefit of what is right, is better for all of us. Welcome to the Cboe difference.

Cboe Canada Executive Team

Cboe Canada’s executive team of leading industry experts share a passion for challenging the status quo and developing innovative solutions to drive more efficient and affordable markets.

Trusted Service Providers

Cboe Canada maintains relationships with preferred service providers who share our high standard of client service and are committed to partnering in the long-term success of our listed companies.

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