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DealSquare, supported by NEO Connect, is the first centralized dealer platform for private markets in Canada. It digitally connects capital raisers to investment dealers, their advisory networks, and investors. By giving IIROC dealers and their advisors a streamlined ability to efficiently find, analyze, and transact in private markets, DealSquare makes raising capital more accessible and efficient than ever before.

Why Raise Capital through DealSquare?


Asset managers raising capital into private vehicles can quickly and efficiently list funds approved at dealers for distribution while any private or public company large or small can use the platform to perform private placements without unnecessary financial, operational, and regulatory burdens.


DealSquare enables expanded access to the wider investing community, beyond the traditional private placement audience of friends, family, and existing business relationships. DealSquare attracts forward thinking dealers and advisors interested in exploring private listings and promoting them to their clients, thereby providing issuers with greater access and exposure to a broader audience of investors.


DealSquare supports the entire private placement process from marketing investment opportunities and electronically managing the due diligence and subscription process, through to integrating positions in dealer back office systems and closing the deal in a seamless and fully digital way.

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