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Public Listings

With a growing roster of corporate issuers, Cboe lists senior companies looking to raise capital on public markets. Our robust onboarding process and unparalleled service and support ensure the best possible opportunities for success as a public company.

Going Public

There are a number of ways to enter the public markets and obtain a listing with Cboe Canada, including a traditional IPO (Initial Public Offering), an RTO (Reverse Take-Over), a direct listing, or a qualifying transaction through an acquisition corporation program. Investors in an acquisition corporation program invest in an experienced management team seeking to acquire or merge with other companies, while benefiting from robust investor protection mechanisms.

We offer two options for acquisition corporations, based on the target size of the qualifying transaction:

  • G-Corp™ (Growth Acquisition Corporation) targeting mid-market growth companies  Learn more >
  • SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation) targeting large-cap senior companies  Learn more >

Alternatively, companies that are already publicly listed on another exchange can migrate, graduate, or dual list with Cboe Canada, subject to the NEO Exchange listing standards.

Why List with Cboe?

True Partnership

With Cboe, you gain access to a long-term partnership with your best interests at the top of the priority list. We offer strategic advice to mitigate potential issues, introduce you to the right partners, simplify the go-public process, and provide ongoing insights and support once listed.

Enhanced Liquidity

Our trading solutions, which focus on quality of execution and enable enhanced liquidity, provide investors with a better experience when buying and selling your securities.

Greater Visibility

Our Listings team works closely with you to amplify your investor awareness initiatives and maximize outreach. We also provide unfettered access to real-time market data on all Canadian Cboe-listed securities to ensure visibility across the broadest possible investing audience.

A Tailored Approach

Our expert Listings Qualifications team helps you identify the most efficient way possible to list your securities. Whether it be through an Initial Public Offering (IPO), a direct listing, Reverse Take-Over (RTO), Special Purpose Acquisition Corporation (SPAC), or Growth Acquisition Corporation (G-Corp™), we’ve got you covered.

Questions? Contact us to learn more.

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