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Platform Traded Companies (PTCs) are an evolution supporting early-stage private company founders on their mission to maintain and grow their shareholder base. Powered by NEO Connect, PTCs prepare a company for efficient shareholder management, provide increased transparency for investors, and streamline future capital raising efforts long before a company goes public on a stock exchange. In addition, for public companies with unlisted classes of shares, NEO Connect can provide on-book services needed by investment dealers and investors.

Advantages for Companies: Stay Private, Efficiently

Maintain shareholder records in an efficient, streamlined, and proven way identical to public companies listed on an exchange. With the support of a NEO Connect ticker symbol and a Transfer Agent, we provide the capability to support common stock, preferred shares, notes, warrants, and debt instruments fully digitized and on-book so companies can prepare for future raises with ease. Our partners can also help set up and manage employee stock option plans, restricted stock units (RSUs), and other compensation arrangements as needed.

Benefits for Shareholders: Greater Transparency and Engagement

Investing in private companies can be difficult and shareholder certificates are challenging for investors to track and stay engaged with the company and their investment. NEO Connect converts those shareholder certificates into electronic shares so investors and their financial advisors can finally see investments in a private company in their brokerage account alongside their public company stock and ETF positions, providing transparency and visibility into company progress.

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Benefits for Shareholders: Faster Transition to a Public Listing

If a PTC (a private company) decides to go public, the process of converting shares is seamless for the investor, with shares tradable on a stock exchange within days, not weeks, after an IPO or merger with another public company.

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Raising Capital?

Private companies looking to raise new capital can leverage Cboe's capabilities in partnership with DealSquare to increase awareness among financial advisors and complement existing dealer relationships. To learn more about how DealSquare can engage with financial advisors and investors to streamline the investment process, click here.

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