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Our innovative and disruptive solutions aimed at making the markets better are designed to put the interests of long-term investors first. Our markets provide you with access to a large pool of investment opportunities which you can transact with efficiency and transparency. We trade all Canadian-listed securities, without any exception.

Buying and Selling Public Securities on Cboe Canada

On the NEO Exchange, operating as Cboe Canada, investors – big and small – have access to the best possible investment opportunities on the public markets:

Senior Exchange

Cboe-listed securities meet stringent, disclosure-based listing requirements you can trust, with our public companies adhering to senior exchange standards.

Quality Liquidity

Whether it is for Cboe-listed securities or securities listed on other Canadian exchanges, liquidity is at the forefront of everything we do. Trading on Cboe benefits from this relentless focus. Cboe-listed securities benefit, of course, from liquidity programs that have no equal.

Full Access & Market Data

We provide free, real-time market data for retail investors, and data on Cboe Canada-listed securities for all investors.

Purchasing and Redeeming PTFs via NEO Connect

IIROC and MFDA advisors can leverage NEO Connect technology to purchase and redeem mutual funds as easily as buying and selling an ETF.

Unprecedented Access

NEO Connect provides access to a variety of unique investment opportunities not listed on a stock exchange. This includes access to investment funds (PTFs, including prospectus-based mutual funds and OM funds), private companies (PTCs) and unlisted classes of shares, and a growing roster of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) including General and Limited Partnership (GP/LP) shares - all enabling an expanded pool of investment opportunities of interest to accredited investors, financial advisors, portfolio managers, and institutional investors.

Streamlined Workflow

NEO Connect streamlines the purchase and redemption process and makes it easier and more cost-effective for you and your clients to invest in products that were previously out of reach.

Bulk Transactions

NEO Connect supports bulk transactions, allowing IIROC advisors to use existing equity trading technology to submit a single order for all eligible client accounts.

Questions? Contact us to learn more.

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