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Market Data

Cboe Canada delivers innovative, cost-effective market data solutions that address industry and investor needs, with a focus on providing efficient access to data on ALL Canadian listed companies, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Canadian Depositary Receipts (CDRs), Closed-End Funds (CEFs), and Platform Traded Funds (PTFs). We operate 3 trading venues (NEO-L, NEO-N, and NEO-D), as well as the NEO Connect off-exchange platform. Real-time data is available for all Cboe Canada listed securities.

Cboe Canada real-time pricing data is available for:

Historical and reference data is also available as a direct-from-source data supply supporting research needs.

Data for Pro Traders and Analysts

Direct Cboe Canada market data is disseminated from a real-time multicast channel, providing start-of-day instrument reference data and full depth order book information, including trades and statistics (previous day and end-of-day prices). This feed includes data on all Canadian listed securities from all trading venues operated by Cboe Canada.

Direct Cboe Canada market data is available through connectivity to our data centers and points of presence. Alternatively, direct Cboe Canada data can be accessed through global extranet providers.

Cboe Canada market data is available through all major Order Management Systems (OMS), and Execution Management Systems (EMS).

Leveraging a standard data protocol (NITCH), Cboe Canada market data can be easily integrated within any standard or custom-built OMS or EMS.

Cboe Canada market data is available as part of normalized data feeds from all major market data distributors and is present on all major display platforms used by professional traders.

To learn more, contact [email protected]

Data for Financial Advisors

The cornerstone of every financial advisor’s business is access to reliable real-time market data, made available in a convenient and integrated manner to enable informed investment decisions. While Canada lacks an affordable consolidated market data solution for the Wealth Management industry, Cboe strives to deliver efficient and cost-effective alternatives.

For IIROC Advisors:

Cboe Canada market data is available across all major desktop and mobile data solutions including Refinitiv’s Eikon and Thomson One terminals, FactSet and ACTIV workstations, as well as ICE and Quotemedia services. Most vendor based and custom-built OMS platforms will also have access to Cboe Canada data.

  • Cboe Canada supports reduced pro-pricing for Wealth Management advisors.
  • Real-time market data for Cboe Canada listed securities is provided at no charge.

Cboe Canada market data is available as part of normalized data feeds from all major market data distributors and is present on all major display platforms used by professional advisors.

For MFDA Advisors:

Cboe Canada market data on ETF and PTF securities is used by MFDA advisors across a growing number of vendor-based OMS platforms including Vexo and OneBoss. Cboe Canada market data is made available at affordable pricing through innovative delivery solutions tailored for MFDA advisors.

To learn more, contact [email protected]

Data for Retail Investors

Retail investors often have access to the least amount of financial data which can lead to investment decisions based off incomplete or delayed data. At Cboe, we believe that we should share as much information as possible with those who need it the most. As such:
  • Cboe Canada makes real-time data available to retail investors free of charge
  • Cboe Canada supports the availability of real-time market data across all major discount broker investment platforms, including:
    • BMO Investorline
    • CIBC Investors Edge
    • CI Direct Investing
    • Interactive Brokers
    • National Bank Direct Brokerage
    • RBC Direct Investing
    • Scotia iTrade
    • TD Direct Investing
    • Qtrade
    • Questrade
    • Virtual Brokers
    • Wealthsimple Trade

    For a full list of online platforms, click here.

  • Cboe Canada supports the availability of real-time market data across numerous web-based data platforms including:
  • Cboe Canada supports a premium web-based data platform, providing free real-time quote, trade and charting information on all Canadian listed companies, ETFs and CEFs. Check it out here.
To learn more, contact [email protected]

Historical and Reference Data

Understanding the history of a listed company or fund can provide an insightful lens into its future. Cboe Canada has a variety of historical and reference data products available via SFTP delivery, providing a direct-from-source dataset meeting trading and research needs.

Historical Trade and Order Data

Finding a complete dataset following the IPO of a company can be critical to fundamental analysis. Cboe Canada provides a comprehensive order-by-order or time and sales view into all action on Cboe Canada venues, since inception. Content is made available in native multicast feed format.

Trading Summary Files

If summary level data is sufficient, we provide a set of summarized activity files with detail on anonymous and dealer specific trading activity across all Cboe Canada venues.

Security Master Files

A daily reference detail for all securities eligible to trade across Cboe Canada and NEO Connect platforms.

Closing Price File

A daily reference detail and closing prices, taking into account the most accurate security valuations for Cboe Canada listed securities.

Corporate Actions Data

Changes to Cboe Canada listed security information, historical pricing information, dividend distributions, and other corporate record information are available by daily email or SFTP delivered file service.

To subscribe to daily Cboe Canada corporate actions emails, click here.

Custom Historical Data Files

Connect with Cboe Canada Data Sales to discuss your custom historical data needs. We are happy to provide data to back-fill tick databases or build out new daily files to meet specific requirements.

To learn more, contact [email protected]